FAME Foundation Thematic Areas

Our Five Broad Thematic Areas of Intervention


Ø Education (Formal, Informal & Technical Skills)

  1. Ensureinclusive and quality education for the girl-children in Nigeria.
  2. Advancegirls and women’s participation in STEM
  3. Provideboth formal and informal learning opportunities for women and



Ø Women Economic Security and Justice

  1. Supportingand creating sustainable livelihood initiatives for women
  2. Strengtheningwomen’s rights in economic and social
  3. Advancingwomen’s economic leadership and


Ø Leadership, Governance, and Peace Building

  1. Advancingthe diverse women participation in leadership, governance, and peace-
  2. Pushingfor policy formulation and changes around leadership and
  3. Challengingsocio-cultural and religious fundamentals on women’s participation in decision making and peace-building


Ø Integrating Sports for Development

  1. Usingsports as a tool for sustainable development
  2. Advancingwomen and girl’s participation in sports
  3. Integratingsports values into education, empowerment, and equality


Ø Body and Health Rights

  1. Endingevery form of violence against women and
  2. Promotingthe sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls, including issues of sexual orientation, reproductive
  3. Advancingfeminist gender movements around body and health


Cross-cutting themes

  • DisabilityInclusion
  • Water,Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH).
  • CapacityBuilding
  • ChildProtection


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