FAME Foundation is a gender-based NGO established solely to solicit, encourage, and advance the social, emotional and economic well-being of women and girls.
We formulate empowerment programs within the framework of national development plan with the view to  enhancing women’s participation in socio-economic activities,while advocating for gender parity in the society.
This Charter of Ethics is a formal expression of the basic ethical principles of our organization and it applies to each staff member regardless of his or her department or level of responsibility.


This Charter of Ethics intends to define and clarify the ethical conduct expected from staff members as they perform their professional duties. The Charter of Ethics applies first of all to a number of areas where staff members need to act according to the applicable laws and regulations. It also includes the ethical principles that are generally
accepted within FAME foundation.

This Charter of Ethics does not claim to cover every situation from which an ethical issue may arise. If a situation arises that is not specifically referred to herein, it is the responsibility of each staff member to make the right decision and adopt the appropriate ethical conduct. Staff members shall rely on their good judgment, sense of responsibility and principles referred to in this Charter of Ethics.

The Charter of Ethics may have to evolve and be supplemented or amended in the future, according to needs. It defines the moral principles or standards of behavior but does not therefore replace the legal standards set out in applicable laws or regulations, and organization’s projects and policies.

This Charter of Ethics also serves as a reference guide for the public and our partners in Nigeria and across the globe.


  • Equality for all: All projects, programmes, initiatives and activities carried out by FAME Foundation must respect the principle of equality for all. Gender identity, nationality, sexual orientation, religious and political beliefs, state of health or disability, age, social origin or any other distinction shall not be grounds for any form of discrimination or segregation.
  • Honesty: Being honest and truthful in all our dealings, we do not deliberately mislead or deceive others by misrepresentations, overstatements, partial truths, selective omissions, or any other means.
  • Reputation and morale: We seek to protect and build good reputation and the morale of our organization and the organizations we work with by engaging in no conduct that might undermine respect and taking whatever actions are necessary to correct or prevent inappropriate conduct.
  • Integrity: We will demonstrate personal and professional integrity and the courage of our convictions by doing what is right even when there is great pressure to do otherwise;we are principled, honorable and upright. We fight for our beliefs and will not sacrifice principle to expediency, being hypocritical, or unscrupulous.
  • Accountability: We are passionate about the services we provide and stimulate to our target groups as well as projects, materials, managerial and implementations for scrutiny. All donor funding are justified via mass media reports, including videos and pictures.
  • Respect for others: We show respect for the human dignity, autonomy, privacy, rights, and interests of all those we have a stake in their decisions. We are courteous and treat all people with equal respect and dignity regardless of sex, race or national origin. We also support and protect diversity, and furthermore, encourage self-worth through sustainable dynamic initiatives and programs.
  • Law abiding: We must abide by laws, rules and regulations relating to our organization’s activities, thereby making the world a better place. FAME foundation’s management must engage in fair transactions and must comply with the applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations.
  • Inclusion: FAME foundation has a policy of promoting inclusiveness. Its staff, board, and volunteers reflect
    diversity in order to enrich its programmatic effectiveness. FAME foundation takes meaningful steps to promote inclusiveness in its hiring, retention, promotion, board recruitment, and engagements.
  • Transparency: We ensure that all we do is open, available, and visible to our target groups and partners. This includes pictures, videos and press documentation. All staff, board members and volunteers of the organization act with honesty, integrity and openness in all their dealings as representatives of the organization. The
    organization promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity.
  • Sustainability and partnership: Transformation of lives, empowerment of our people especially abused women, the internally displaced persons,children and the youth-, initiation/application of developmental and sustainable strategies to alleviate or minimize poverty are our passion and goals. We also partner with reputable NGOs and government agencies who share equal desire and approach.