The FAME Foundation sexual harassment policy aims to safeguard employees of all sexes and gender identities in our organization from unwanted sexual advances and provide them guidelines to report incidents. It will also explain how we handle complaints, take action against offenders, and help survivors recover.


We won’t tolerate sexual harassment in our workplace in any shape or form. Our culture is based on mutual respect and collaboration and sexual harassment is a serious violation of those principles.


This policy applies to every individual in FAME foundation regardless of gender, sexual orientation, level, function, seniority, status or other protected characteristics. We are all obliged to comply with this policy.

Also, we won’t tolerate sexual harassment from inside or outside of our organization. Employees, partners, sponsors and everyone interacting with our organization are covered by the present policy.


What is Sexual Harassment?

 Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature are defined as sexual harassment when:

  • Theoffensive behavior creates an intimidating, abusive, or hostile work environment, or interferes with work performance.
  • Anemployment decision regarding an employee is made because of their response to the offensive

Anybody can be a victim of sexual harassment, regardless of their sex or gender identity and that of the offending party. The most extreme form of sexual harassment is sexual assault. This is a serious crime and our company will support employees who want to press charges against offenders.

Sexual harassment can involve one or more incidents that may be physical, verbal, or non-verbal, and includes;

  • Insinuate,propose or demand sexual favors of any
  • Invadeanother person’s personal space (e.g. inappropriate )
  • Stalk,intimidate, coerce or threaten another person to pressure them to engage in sexual
  • Sendor display sexually explicit objects or
  • Commenton somebody’s appearance, sexual orientation, or gender in a derogatory or objectifying way, or in a way that makes them
  • Makeobscene comments, jokes or gestures that humiliate or offend someone.
  • Pursueor flirt with another person persistently against their
  • Flirting at an inappropriate time (e.g. in a team meeting) is considered sexual harassment, evenwhen these advances would have been welcome in a different setting. This is because such actions can harm a person’s professional reputation and expose them to further


  • No one has the right to sexually harass our employees. Any person in our organization who isfound guilty of serious harassment will be terminated. Also, if representatives of our partners, sponsors or vendors sexually harass our employees, we will demand that the organization they work for takes disciplinary action and/or refuse to work with this person in the
  • Sexualharassment is never too minor to be dealt with. Any kind of harassment can wear down employees and create a hostile workplace. We will hear every claim and punish offenders
  • Sexual harassment is about how we make others feel. Many do not consider behaviors likeflirting or sexual comments to be sexual harassment, thinking they are too innocent to be labeled that way. But, if something you do makes your colleague uncomfortable, or makes them feel unsafe, you must stop.
  • We assume every sexual harassment claim is legitimate unless proven otherwise. We listento victims of sexual harassment and always conduct our investigations properly. Occasional false reports do not undermine this principle.


  • Wewill not allow further victimization of harassed  We will fully support employees who were sexually harassed and will not take any adverse action against them. For example, we will not move them to positions with worse pay or benefits or allow others to retaliate against them.
  • Thosewho support or overlook sexual harassment are as much at   fault   as  Managers especially are obliged to prevent sexual harassment and act when they have suspicions or receive reports. Letting this behavior go on or encouraging it will bring about disciplinary action. Anyone who witnesses an incident of sexual harassment or has other kinds of proof should report to the office manager



If you believe that you are the target of sexual harassment, inform the offending party (except in cases of sexual assault) verbally or in writing that their conduct is offensive and needs to stop.

If you don’t want to communicate with the offending party, or if your communication is ineffective, you need to report them. Please report it to [Office manager or Supervisor]

In serious cases like sexual assault, please call the police and inform the Office Manager that you plan to press charges. We acknowledge it’s often hard to come forward about these issues, but we need your help to build a fair and safe workplace for you and your colleagues.

There are two options can choose from when you report sexual harassment within our organization.

  • Ask for an urgent meeting with your [Office manager or supervisor.] Once in the meeting,explain the situation in as much detail as possible. If you have any hard evidence (e.g. emails, pictures), forward it or bring it with you to the
  • Send your complaint via email. If you address it to your supervisor, please cc office manager tothe email and attach any evidence or information that can be used in the investigation. Office manager and your supervisor will discuss the issue and contact you as soon as possible.


Complaints can be lodged in writing with [Name of Person   and   Department] via email to info@famefoundationwg.org. Your complaint will be documented and resolved within 3 days. Complaints will be treated as confidential.

If you report assault to the police, our organization will provide any possible support until the matter is resolved. In any case, we will ensure you are not victimized and that you have access to

relevant evidence admissible in court, like security video footage or emails (without revealing confidential information about other employees)

Both FAME foundation and federal law prohibit any form of retaliation against somebody claiming sexual harassment.


Sometimes, people who harass others do not realize that their behavior is wrong. We understand this is possible, but that doesn’t make the perpetrator any less responsible for their actions.

If you suspect that someone doesn’t realize their behavior is sexual harassment under the definition of this policy, let them know and ask them to stop. Do so preferably via email so you can have records. Please do not use this approach when:

  • Yourmanager, sponsor or partner is the
  • Sexualharassment goes beyond the boundaries of off-hand comments, flirting or


FAME foundation will:

Recordthe dates, times, and circumstances of the incidents.

  • Ensurethat the complainant understands FAME foundation procedures for dealing with the
  • Determinewhat outcome the complainant
  • Investigatethe

Based on the above, FAME foundation will further:

  • Contact the offending party and set up a meeting to explain the complaint and to ask themto stop this behavior.
  • Ifthe complainant agrees, arrange for mediation sessions with the complainant and the alleged perpetrator to resolve the



 Employees who are found guilty of sexual harassment (excluding sexual assault, for which they will be dismissed) the first time may:

  • Be
  • Receivea written
  • Be
  • Geta negative performance
  • Bedenied promotions and/or salary increases for a

We will dismiss repeat offenders after a second offense.


First and foremost, office manager should try to prevent sexual harassment by building a culture of respect and trust. But, when sexual harassment occurs and an employee makes a complaint, office manager must act immediately.

When the office manager receives a complaint that an employee harasses another employee, they will:

  • Ask for as many details and information as possible from the person or people making the
  • Keepcopies of the report with dates, times and details of incidents and any possible evidence in a confidential file (separate from the personnel file.), manager should update this file with all future actions and conversations regarding this complaint.
  • Launch an investigation. If the matter is complex, the manager can defer to a more senior
  • Check if there have been similar reports on the same person. If there are, manager should contactthe perpetrator’s manager to let them know that their team member may get fired when the investigation is over.
  • Inform the harassed employees of our organization’s procedures and their options to take legalaction if appropriate.
  • Take into account the wishes of the harassed employee. Some might want the matter to beresolved informally and discreetly, while others might expect more radical actions (e.g. transferring the ). Manager should consider the circumstances and decide on appropriate action.
  • Contact the harasser and set up a meeting to explain the complaint and explicitly ask for thisbehavior to stop, or,
  • Arrange for mediation sessions with the two employees (harasser and perpetrator) to resolve theissue, if the harassed employee agrees or,
  • Launch a disciplinary process depending on the severity of the harassment. In cases of sexualassault or coercing someone to sexual favors under threats, we will terminate the harasser  We will terminate employees who are found guilty in a court of law of sexually assaulting another employee, even if manager has not conducted its own investigation.


HR or manager must not, under any circumstances, blame the victim, conceal a report or discourage employees from reporting sexual harassment. If HR or a manager behaves that way, please send an email to the Executive Director explaining the situation.


We welcome any feedback or complaints about our procedures and how our employees handled each case.




Apart from investigating claims and punishing perpetrators, we want to support the victims of sexual harassment. FAME foundation offers survivors of sexual harassment the following support structures:

  • Accessto
  • Fewdays of sick leave to restore your mental health.


Your job and benefits will not be jeopardized or altered if you choose any of those options or other means to recovery.

Speak up, we listen

Sexual harassment can exhaust those who endure it. Speaking up about this issue is often tough for fear of not being heard, upsetting colleagues/supervisors and challenging corporate culture.


Please don’t let these fears deter you. Our organization will do everything possible to stop sexual harassment and any other kind of harassment from happening, while supporting harassed employees. We need to know what’s going on so we can act on it. And by raising your voice on this issue, you help our company create a happy workplace and thrive.


I have read, understood and agree to abide by this policy.



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