Reimbursement Policy and Procedures 


The purpose of establishing a transport reimbursement policy is to ensure that reimbursements are fair, ethical, transparent, timely, and are not unduly burdensome on the traveler or Finance Officer



  • Onlyprogram attendees with a secure pass will be


  • Those engaged in approved project travel should be fully reimbursed for such travel at agreedrates (i.e. they should not be out of pocket, unless they choose modes or methods more expensive than those discussed below).
  • Reimbursements should reasonably match actual expenses (i.e. the attendee should notregard reimbursements as supplemental income).
  • Consistent with the above, record-keeping and documentation of travel expenses should beminimized to reduce the administrative
  • Tobe eligible for reimbursement of expenses, the travel must be approved beforehand and must be consistent with these
  • Travelof staff for official meetings is automatically


  • The Executive Director, with the concurrence of the Finance Officer, approves all official
  • Thetraveler is responsible for all prerequisites such as medical requirements (e.g. immunizations), visas, security, insurance, and emergency
  • The traveler accepts all liabilities and agrees to hold the organization harmless while on Route, Mode and Standard of Transportation


  • The traveler is responsible for making all travel arrangements, or ensuring that they aremade by
  • Travelersshould minimize the total costs of the trip as much as reasonably


  • Program attendees are expected to purchase tickets and pay expenses themselves and bereimbursed  In the case of air tickets purchased well in advance of travel to secure a lower fare, travelers may request reimbursement from the treasurer before the travel is completed.
  • Air travel will be reimbursed up to full coach airfare. If the duration of air travel is morethan 14 hours from first flight departure to final flight arrival at the destination, business class airfare is  Travelers will not be reimbursed for the value of frequent flier miles used for airfare or upgrades while on official travel, but they will be appreciated by the Finance Officer.
  • Reimbursementfor train travel will be at first class


  • Privatecar travel will be reimbursed at 2000 Naira per


  • Travelexpenses eligible for reimbursement by FAME foundation include:


  • Costof transportation;


  • Dailylodging and meals and incidental


  • Lodgingwill be paid to a program attendee for overnight stay at a destination, adjusted as described
  • Accommodationwill be reimbursed at actual costs, up to 100% of the amount


  • This covers all expenditure for local transportation to and from the airport, or other point ofarrival or departure as well as other incidental expenses.
  • Noterminal expenses will be paid if transportation is provided at no cost to the


  • Additionaltravel expenses include the following:


  • Localtransportation other than that covered by terminal expenses;


  • Costof communications in connection with the organization


  • Hireof meeting rooms or other space for official meetings (d)Services or equipment connected with the

(e) Visa costs.


  • Claims for reimbursement should be sent to the Finance Officer (preferably via email) on are-imbursement form provided by the Finance Officer, with a copy to the Executive
  • Claims should besupported by copies of:


  • thetravel itinerary;


  • airor train tickets or bills;


  • receiptsfor any allowed additional


  • Claimsshould include the lodging


  • Claimswill be settled as soon as reasonably achievable by the Finance Officer in Naira.


  • The methods of payment will be chosen to minimize bank or other charges, and inagreement between the traveler and Finance Officer. Electronic/Bank transfer to the traveler’s bank is the usual method.
  • For official meetings a travel report must be submitted to the Executive Director, with acopy to the Finance Officer before reimbursements will be
  • Thetravel report should consist of:


  • Asummary concisely stating the purpose of the travel, work done and results achieved;


  • Abrief description of the conference or meetings attended or visits made;


  • A succinct assessment by the traveler of the main conclusions that could be drawn from theabove, with any implications for the organization


  • Recommendations regardingany actions by the


  • The Finance Officer will first address any issues relating to apparent or obvious non-compliance with these procedures with the

Transportation Reimbursement Form


Instruction: Kindly fill the form below and attach every supporting document to it. Please

submit the completed form to the treasurer once you are done.

Name: Phone Number 

Address: Position  

City: State 

Transportation Dates 

Name of Event/Meeting attended


Is proof of expense attached to this form? Yes ( ) No ( ). If not, please provide a reason below.


Mode of transportation: Road ( ) Rail ( ) Air ( ) Sea ( ) Cost incurred for transportation:

Additional expenses (Naira):

Reimbursement Demanded: Amount in figures 

Amount in Words:


Account Name 

Bank name Account Number 

I hereby confirm that the information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge and authorize that the reimbursement be paid into the account.




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